White rabbit


The White Rabbit is a fictional character from Lewis Carroll’s 1865 book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. The first time we see him, he wears a waistcoat and mutters “Oh dear! I shall be too late!” while leading Alice down a rabbit hole into Wonderland. The story revolves around Alice’s quest to find the mysterious Red Queen. Ultimately, the White Rabbit proves to be the most important character of the story, as he is the one who reveals the secret of Wonderland to the young girl.

While White Rabbit does not offer a progressive jackpot, this classic slot will not disappoint. With a decent bonus round, plenty of winning combinations, and wilds and free spins, it is a good choice for slot players who want to play classic casino slots without the risk of losing all their money. The slot’s theme is based on a famous tale by Lewis Carroll and Big Time Gaming. If you like animals and rabbits, you’ll enjoy the game’s animations and whimsical backdrop.

The theme of this game is a fictitious world created by Lewis Carroll. The developers of this slot paid particular attention to the graphics, which are filled with enchanting graphics. The wonderland background and free spins are great features for players to try out. While the slot’s theme is not as exciting as the story, it still offers plenty of potential for winning. If you’re a fan of the movie, you’ll love White Rabbit!